Top 5 Stories from the Week (Mar 11–Mar 15, 2019)

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1. Announcing Strong Towns: The Book

by Charles Marohn | March 11, 2019

Strong Towns has been an international movement for change for over ten years. Now, it’s becoming a book—and this fall, we’re embarking on a continent-wide tour to promote it.

2. Does Your City Have Shiny New Toy Syndrome?

by Daniel Herriges | March 11, 2019

The discipline of not acquiring more until we've wrung true value out of what we already possess can make our lives richer and fuller. And this is a lesson we need to apply to our cities as well.

3. We Need a Sea Change in How We Think About Roads and Streets

Strong Towns Podcast | March 12, 2019

Is the engineering profession institutionally and intellectually prepared for a world in which we recognize that we need to slow down cars on urban streets? Revisiting one of our best podcast episodes of all time, in which Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn asks this question.

4. Sliding Downhill in America's Divided Cities

by Alan Mallach | March 12, 2019

An excerpt from our upcoming AMA webcast guest Alan Mallach’s book The Divided City explores the havoc that the Great Recession’s continuing aftermath has wrought on homeownership patterns, profoundly destabilizing many urban neighborhoods.

5. The Battle of Stanley Street: How My Skeptical Town Approved a Road Diet

by David Shorr | March 14, 2019

It’s one thing to talk about the benefits of calmer, narrower streets. It’s another thing to be on the front lines of convincing your community to accept a road diet. One Strong Towns member tells the story of how he picked this battle in his town… and won.

(Cover photo from Wikimedia Commons)