Meet Chuck. (No, not that Chuck!) Chuck is a real-estate speculator. By taxing building improvements, we reward people like him, who can afford to sit on a vacant or underutilized lot in a prime location, do nothing with it, and watch their property value go up... and up... and up.

And for that, in this brand new video from Strong Towns, your buddy Chuck just wants to say, "Thanks, neighbor."


The Land Value Tax: A Better Alternative

If you’re a regular reader of Strong Towns, you’ve likely already noticed our work on the topic of land value taxation. This new video is a companion piece to a recent, much more in-depth series of articles on how the property tax system is broken—and how switching to a land tax could help cities grow more financially strong and resilient.

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This video was produced by Matt Eckholm, with script by Charles Marohn, and the generous financial support of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation.