Want an In-Depth Look Inside the Strong Towns Book?

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We’re a little under 5 months away from releasing the debut book by Strong Towns founder, Chuck Marohn. (I know, we can’t wait either.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little sneak preview.

That’s right: from now on, if you pre-order your copy of Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity by Charles L. Marohn, Jr., you’ll get the first look at an exclusive sneak peek inside the book.

We’re talking in-depth, chapter-by-chapter summaries of the entire book—written by Chuck Marohn himself. We’re talking exclusive, never-before-seen excerpts that highlight some of the most important insights the book has to offer. It’s a little like getting to go behind the scenes and see your favorite band rehearse before they take the stage for the biggest arena rock concert of their career. [Insert image of Chuck’s head Photoshopped onto Axl Rose’s body here.]

Head on over to the Strong America page for more information on how to pre-order the book and claim your free sneak peek*. And stay tuned; we’ll be rolling out even more exclusive content to anyone who pre-orders in the coming months.

Want a quick taste of what exactly you’ll get? Here’s a quote from Chapter One (one of ten quotes included in this preview!) to whet your appetite:

“In our new experimental living pattern, feedback and adaptation have become meaningless. We do not perceive any need for our human habitat to harmoniously balance multiple things simultaneously. Why would we when we can just go ahead and use our resources to solve problems as we become aware of them?

This approach worked well right after World War II; perhaps too well. It allowed Americans to, for a time, address many of civilization’s nagging struggles. Through our success, however, we collectively developed a low tolerance for uncomfortable feedback and a reduction in our ability to adapt to stress.

We’re more comfortable behaving as if our cities are merely complicated. Increasingly, they are not.”

Pretty intriguing, right? We can’t wait to show you more.

*Estimated delivery to your email: June 1.

Top photo via Creative Commons.