Top 5 Recent Stories (June 3–June 14, 2019)

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1. So, You'd Like a Neighborhood Grocery Store...

by Charles Marohn | June 3, 2019

Instead of subsidizing or regulating our way to the finished state we think we want in our neighborhoods, there s a much more powerful—and achievable—path we can take.

2. Is Strong Towns NIMBY, YIMBY, or What?

by Charles Marohn | June 10, 2019

Some YIMBYs don’t like Strong Towns and claim we are anti-development NIMBY. Yet, NIMBYs hate us because we insist neighborhood evolve, adapt, and change. What’s going on here?

3. A City Shaped by Many Hands

by Daniel Herriges | June 12, 2019

Incrementalism is not an end in itself. It’s not about stubborn insistence on some sort of small-is-beautiful aesthetic for its own sake. Incremental development is a practical means to the end of resilient, financially sound places.

4. How to Turn Neglected Alleyways into Thriving Public Spaces

It’s the Little Things Podcast | Jacob Moses & Paul Fast | June 5, 2019

Paul Fast—Principal Architect at HCMA, a Canadian architecture and design firm—discusses its More Awesome Now project and how you can revive neglected alleyways in your own neighborhood, including how to assess the needs of the neighborhood, how to measure the success of the project, and how to consider all members of the community in its design.

5. The "Lake Effect" Shows the Importance of Public Places

by Robert Sulaski | June 11, 2019

Which adds more value to your city: selling off high-priced waterfront lots, or keeping that lakeshore a public park so that *all* your citizens have access to it, not just those who live on the water? Our friends at Urban3 did the math.

(Cover photo via Wikimedia Commons)