Top 5 Recent Stories (June 24–June 28, 2019)

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1. What Democrats and Republicans Get Wrong (About Each Other)

by Charles Marohn | June 24, 2019

A new study on the “perception gap” between America’s two major parties gives some hope that, at least at the local level, we can find ways to work together, despite our differences.

2. Is the End of the Single-Family Neighborhood Near?

Upzoned Podcast | Kea Wilson & Charles Marohn | June 21, 2019

Strong Towns has been urging cities to end single-family zoning for ten years. But are cities listening?

3. Striding Toward Walkability? 5 Insights About Walkable Urban Places

by Daniel Herriges | June 26, 2019

Mixed-use, walkable neighborhoods have enduring appeal, are more financially productive than auto-oriented places… and we still don’t allow nearly enough of them to be built. A new study surveys the landscape of walkability in America’s large metropolitan regions.

4. What If You Built Hundreds of Miles of Roads and Nobody Came?

by Robert Sulaski | June 25, 2019

America has an excessive infrastructure problem—and perhaps nowhere is that more clear than in places like the massive, center-less city of Palm Bay, Florida.

5. If New York City is Such a Productive Place, Why Are Its Taxes So High? (And Other Questions from Ask Strong Towns)

Ask Strong Towns Webcast | Charles Marohn & Kea Wilson | June 24, 2019

Once a month we host Ask Strong Towns, a members-only live Q&A webcast. Here’s the video and audio from this month’s, with answers to questions about small-town debt, big-city taxes, accessory dwelling units, why maintenance is so important, and whether there’s such as thing as too much maintenance.

(Cover photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)