Watch a Licensed Engineer Coach Cities on How to Game FEMA Assistance

Hey cities…. Have a local street full of potholes and cracks? Struggling to make ends meet on a tight budget? Happen to be in one of the 44 areas designated as a federal disaster area this year? Or maybe you’re in one of the 364 areas designated in the prior three years?

Well, this is your lucky day! Watch here as a licensed engineer takes to social media to explain how your city can get federal and state money to fix the neighborhood street (and pay your friendly neighborhood engineer) just by filling out a simple form.

Note: While this might seem like a scam—after all, routine street maintenance is not exactly what one thinks of when pondering federal disaster assistance—it’s almost certainly not. There are lots of ways federal and state funds earmarked for other things find their way into basic street maintenance. After all, as we’re told, transportation funding equals growth and growth equals prosperity.

The Infrastructure Cult marches on.