Want to Start a Local Strong Towns Group? Learn How from the Experts.

Today we've got the video and audio (if podcasts are more your style) from our July 24th Ask Strong Towns: Celebrity Edition webcast conversation featuring Strong Towns Community Builder Jacob Moses, plus Jordan Deffenbaugh and Jim Hodapp: primary organizers of Strong Towns’ most impactful Local Conversations, Strong Town Sioux Falls and Strong Indy.

If you’re unfamiliar with Local Conversations, these are groups of Strong Towns readers and members who share a geography and meet to discuss how the Strong Towns movement can make their unique place stronger. 

And, since we launched the program, we’ve seen Local Conversations demonstrate the power of the Strong Towns movement in ways we never imagined. We’ve seen groups throw community potlucks to generate neighborhood-boosting ideas; use guerilla gardening to activate neglected spaces; and, most important, inspire their peers to embrace a bottom-up revolution to create strong cities, towns, and neighborhoods.

We invited Jordan and Jim to join us on our monthly ask-us-anything webcast to share the stories of their Local Conversations, plus give you an opportunity to learn from the experts about how to build strong, neighborhood-boosting community groups, including how to use your observations and passions to inspire a group of advocates, how to effectively gather people around your mission, and, lastly, how you can use your group to generate neighborhood investments that include everyone in the process.

Below is the podcast version if you prefer audio over video: