On September 10th, Strong Towns Hits the Road. Find Out Where We're Going (So Far).

The countdown is officially on: we’re less than one month from our first event in the Strong America Tour to celebrate the release of our president and founder, Chuck Marohn’s first book: Strong Towns, A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity. We’ll be hitting the road to dozens of cities across the US—and one very cool city in Canada—to share the message behind the book and have incredible community conversations in some of the strongest places in America. Along the way, we’ll be reporting from the road about all the fantastic things these towns are doing. And it’s all kicking off on September 10th with our pre-release Pacific Northwest spectacular.

If you live nearby one of our tour cities and subscribe to Strong Towns email, there’s a good chance that we’ve already reached out to give you all the details. (At least if our sneaky computer robots have tagged your IP address to your zipcode, we have.) But if you’re not sure, here are the first fifteen tour dates we’ve announced so far.

(Don’t see your city on the list? Don’t despair; this is just what’s confirmed so far, not anywhere near a complete list. We’re announcing way more dates in the coming weeks, and we have some really exciting things up our sleeve. But if you really want to make sure we hit your place—especially if we’ve announced an event within a couple hours’ drive of your town—submit a request on the Strong America page and we’ll reach out if we think we can make it happen. )

Top photo via Creative Commons.