After 24 hours back in Brainerd, I'm now headed to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to speak at the Tulsa Sidewalk Summit. A very exciting conversation emerging there. Then I head to Norman, OK, to give a workshop at the University of Oklahoma Institute for Quality Communities. 

I am not going to make my normal Monday piece (sorry) but have been working on something that I think is worth sharing that I will post in good order. Plus, I just finished another piece for the American Conservative that I'm very proud of and will be sharing that link here as soon as it posts over there.

As long as we are here, there are a couple of volunteer opportunities, places we could use some assistance, that I'd like to share.

Thank you to everyone who made the trips last week to St. Louis and Jackson productive. We had some great conversations in both places and I'm excited to see what comes about as a result.