Strong Towns member and Senior Planner at the city of Hutto, Texas, Erika Ragsdale (twitter / linkedin), needed to share some complex information on the productivity of different development patterns in her fast-growing community. Here is what she came up with.

The thing I find most brilliant about it is the way she used local buildings so people could relate their own perceptions to the data. Then she included an entire cross section of development options -- no cherry picking the data -- and standardized it across a 50-acre site. Very nice work.

By the way, when Erika was putting this together, she used the Strong Towns discussion forum to get input and feedback. There are a lot of great conversations going on there that you are invited to check out. Maybe someone can help you out in a situation where you are stuck or, even better, maybe there is a place you can lend your expertise to someone else's efforts. 

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