The Founders Circle

National Gathering. September 2014

National Gathering. September 2014

It was two years ago that we began our membership program. There were a number of people who signed up right away. We told them at the time that they were our Founders Circle, a special group of early supporters that we will be forever thankful for.

I've been wanting to recognize this group for a long time. It's long overdue, but we've now been able to make this happen by listing them, along with our organizational sponsors, on a special page of Key Supporters which now has a live link from the footer of this site.

I'm proud to say that I recognize all of these names and know most of them personally. Many have become -- through Strong Towns -- some of my closest friends. I feel so fortunate to have you play such an important role in the founding of the Strong Towns movement.

Thank you to our Founders Circle members.

Alex Cecchini | Alex Pline | Andrew Burleson | Andrew Price | Ann Pierce | Beckye Frey | Brad Clark | Brad Lonberger | Brian Skeele | Bruce Nesmith | Bruce Wittchen | Catherine Hartley | Charles Marohn | Chris Robbins | Christopher Wilson | Cory Johnston | Dan Allison | Daniel Herriges | Darla Letourneau | Dave Alden | Dave Baur | Derek Hofmann | Don Rice | Edward Erfurt | Edwin W Moore IV | Eric Orozco | Erika Ragsdale | Frank Mansbach | Gracen Johnson | Gregory Jones | Harold (Hank) Weiss | Ian Rasmussen | Isaac Kremer | James Hampson | Janine Farzin | Jason Wittek | Jeffrey Sleasman | Jesse Bailey | Jim Kumon | John Beaston | John Gear | John Reuter | John Riecke | John Thomas | Jon Korneliussen | Jonathan Hay | Jonathan Mark | Josh Naramore | Julie Black | Justin Burslie | Kerry Hayes | Kevin Shepherd | Kit Anderson | Kristen Jeffers | Lee Myers | Lindsey Meek | Lori Hight | Marielle Brown | Mark E Martin | Mark Gorton | Marta Salij | Matt Taylor | Matthew Steele | Max Mulvihill | Max Siegel | Mike Lydon | Mikel Wilkins | Nate Hood | Padriac Steinschneider | Pat Trahan | Patricia Rosnel | Paul Fritz | Peter Forbes | Phil Jonat | Richard Bose | Rick Smith | Rik Adamski | Ron Beitler | Russell Preston | Ryan Ammann | Scott Biersdorff | Scott Polikov | Seth Zeren | Skyler Yost | Spencer Agnew | Stephen Lassiter | Steve Arnold | Steve Hiniker | Steven Shultis | Susan Horst | Tory Brecht | Warren Rempel

If you think we've made a mistake by omitting you or someone else accidentally from this list, let us know. We think we've identified everyone but our records are not flawless.