Rachel and Chuck discuss last week's events in Ontario, Canada and Peoria, IL, the most beautiful city in North America and an exciting trip through US customs, plus the schedule for Chuck's trip to Idaho and Indiana this week and the book, The Selfish Gene. 


Thursday, Oct. 8: Keynote presentation at the Idaho Statewide APA Conference at 8:30am in Sandpoint, ID.

Friday, Oct. 9: Panel presentation at Alverno College's Community Conference at 8:35am in Milwaukee, WI.

Friday, Oct. 9: Keynote presentation at Planning Prosperity for Indiana's Next 200 Years conference at 12:30pm in South Bend, IN. 

A special welcome to our new and renewing members:  Patricia Wyant - Elkhart, IN; Lily Beyer, Portsmouth, NH; Jennifer Smith, Rockford, IL; Brandon Hubbard, Ottawa, ON; Vicki Birenberg, Frankfort, KY; Bob Holt; Peterborough, NH; Patty Gay, New Orleans, LA; Jesse Lecy, Syracuse, NY.