Best of 2015: Collingswood - The Main Street Model

As is our tradition at the end of each year, we are sharing our best content from 2015. This piece, written by Strong Towns contributor and member, Johnny Sanphillippo was originally posted on his blog, Granola Shotgun, then shared on our website. With a myriad of photographs, Johnny's essay describes a classic Main Street town in New Jersey and offers lessons that we can learn from this model. -Rachel Quednau

There’s a weird war raging these days. There are people who advocate high rise living and public transit in the urban core to the exclusion of other arrangements. And then there are folks who can’t hold their head up high in church on Sunday if they don’t live on a quarter acre lot out on the far fringe of the metroplex with four cars parked in front of their fully detached home. I always choose the thing in the middle. It’s called a “town”. I’m a Main Street kind of guy.

This is Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, New Jersey. It’s an intact functioning pre World War II Main Street town complete with hardware store, local mom and pop shops, great places to eat, business incubators, post office, public parks, and City Hall...

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