This week I'm headed to Dallas for the 23rd Congress for the New Urbanism and our programming is going to reflect the intensity that the experience has become for me. My days of showing up anonymously and being able to take it all in on my own terms are past. I used to blog pretty intensely during sessions -- now I'm lucky to make it to a session. Still, I love the annual CNU and I'm going to have a lot to share with you this year. 

Here's what you can expect in this space over the coming week:

Each day I'll post a schedule of events here for the coming day. If you are in Dallas, you'll know right where to go to add the Strong Towns tract to your activities.

Tuesday night I'll be doing a free, open-to-the-public, Curbside Chat. As I am writing this, there are already 118 people signed up. You guys are awesome. Let's rock this.

Starting Wednesday, you're going to see a stream of podcast content that you'll also be able to get through iTunes, Stitcher and other podcasting sites that carry Strong Towns. I'm going to be doing about two dozen interviews through Friday and my intent is to post them as quickly as I finish them. Again, if you're in Dallas, check the schedule here each morning for the lineup and stop by to listen live.

Wednesday night I'll be hanging with my NextGen friends doing the pub crawl. I'll be looking for four more participants for the debate and probably seeking an establishment with Mt. Dew. Join us; it is a fun time.

Thursday night we've got our member appreciation event and I've been told we are essentially sold out. Every spot has been taken so -- WOW! -- that's a lot of members I'm excited to meet. After this cool event we're going to participate in game night and you'll see my competitive streak, for sure.

Friday I'll be in a session on New Urbanism and conservatives with some of the staff at American Conservative along with one of my personal heroes, Andres Duany. If you would have told me a decade ago I would be on stage with Andres, I would not have believed you, so this is a huge honor. The room will be packed, for sure, so show up early.

Friday evening I'm going to be hosting the NextGen debates and I promise a return to its rowdy and raucous roots. There will be loud music, audience voting, snarky judges and jeering/heckling is welcome (no - expected). We are going to be debating two propositions: Auto-based New Urbanism was a mistake AND later, Sprawl Retrofit is a pleasant concept, but is not a viable solution to widespread sprawl. If you want to be a debater, please sign up before I fill all the slots.

Shortly after the last debate, we're reprising the Late Show for another go. In addition to a monologue that will be relying on a high degree of intoxication from the audience, we're going to be sharing some new CNU chapter mottos and playing a game of Tex Tac Toe. My special guests on the Late Show will be Patrick Kennedy and Robin Bergstrom.

So if you are in Dallas this week, keep in touch with us here for the latest. If you aren't going to make it, I apologize for the change in schedule and what will likely be a more random approach, but please enjoy something different for a week as we highlight some of the great stuff going on at CNU while we share the Strong Towns message with those gathered in Dallas.