Strong Towns provides an empirical argument “for doing the math”, when it comes to new development; that is compelling for citizens, but even more compelling for presenting to elected decision makers in our own towns.
— Jason Wittek of Port Washington, WI

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In lieu of the rhetoric from “experts” who recycle antiquated formulas that favor the car-dominated experiment, Strong Towns provides data and information based upon what has truly occurred.
— John Olson of Colorado Springs
Strong Towns is unique for its combination of a nuts-and-bolts analysis of our mostly failing American cities with a vision of what civic excellent can and should be.
— Elias Crim of Valparaiso

Strong Towns supplies the data and hard-headed analysis that support the sense many of us have about our communities: that whatever we’re doing isn’t working, that sprawl is neither satisfying to the soul nor living up to its economic promises.
— Bruce Nesmith of Cedar Rapids, IA

Strong Towns provides a data-driven narrative about why good places are important not only for the human experience, but for the financial health of our communities.
— Christopher Jachmich of Houston

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Strong Towns shares information and encourages civil discourse. For the price of a fancy cocktail a month, helping to support the spread of quality information and a forum for informed is discussion is worth every penny.
— Josh Naramore of Cleveland