Strong Towns is one of a tiny number of credible voices standing in opposition to the national political consensus on highway building, infrastructure spending and transportation. Last week, Governing Magazine called our founder and president, Charles Marohn, an "iconoclast" while summarizing our #NoNewRoads approach like this:

 The gospel according to Marohn is simple enough to put into a few words: We have built too many highways. We have built them in places that didn’t need them. We have built them in places that can’t afford to maintain them. That’s why the federal Transportation Trust Fund is going broke. And if Congress approves a new transportation bill under the old rules, we’ll just build more unneeded roads and force the communities that host them into a further cycle of debt.

Strong Towns is facilitating an important national conversation that was distinctly absent before.
— Eli Damon, Strong Towns Member

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Strong Towns has made more more optimistic about the future and helped re-energize my commitment to working in the public sector to improve transportation.
— Josh Naramore of Cleveland
Strong Towns creates the most consistently innovative, thoughtful, and practical analysis of cities and transportation in the US.
— Marielle Brown of St. Louis
As a civil engineer and lover of cities and non-motorized transportation, Strong Towns speaks to and informs my convictions.
— Patrick Miner of Philadelphia

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My hope is that Strong Towns and its fellow travelers will attain national significance, in that they will begin to have major influence on the thinking of city planners and state transportation policies and those we designate as infrastructure experts.
— Chris Johnson of Minneapolis