Giving you the tools you asked for

You asked us to give you social-media-friendly ways to share the Strong Towns message with others in your community. Short, on message and powerful. Thanks to the volunteer contributions of a very special member -- Matthias Leyrer -- we've been able to produce some of these graphics.

We would love to produce more of these, test them out and get them to you, but we need your support. Please consider becoming a member or making a supporting donation today.

Strong Towns allows me to more easily talk about the issues of walkability, bikability and sustainability with developers and other folks who do not easily connect with some aspects of this movement. Talking about financial sustainability has a very broad reach.
— Dan Majewski of Albuquerque, MN

I first became aware of Strong Towns during my tenure as Chair of our city’s Planning Commission. I saw a clear need for a credible person/organization to articulate to lay people (as well as professionals in various disciplines) exactly why and how a community’s land use decisions have a direct impact on finance and quality of life. Strong Towns has done a great job of explaining how things have gone awry in the last 30-40 years.
— Tracy Davis of Northfield, MN

I became an Enthusiast level member of Strong Towns because I am confident that the Strong Towns vision is our best hope for reversing three generations of self-subverting development patterns of “growth” that have served only to grow debt, not wealth.
— John Shattuck of Topsham, ME
I support Strong Towns because I believe in their message and want them to have the resources they need to continue expanding the movement.
— Kevin Shepherd of Dallas, TX