Many of you came to hear of Strong Towns through a Curbside Chat, our original initiative for spreading our message. We've delivered over 200 Chats in all parts of the United States as well as in Canada. It is a powerful narrative that has been proven to have near universal appeal.

The most requested follow up we get from a Curbside Chat is: How do we share this message with others? While video and audio of complete Chats have been available online for years, we've long recognized the need to develop a more concise way to share the key points.

Enter our collaboration with Gracen Johnson of Another Place for Me. Gracen is not only a valued weekly contributor to Strong Towns, but thanks to some generous contributions from our membership, she has been able to travel with us, attend some of our events and meet the people that attend as we are meeting them. And fortunately for us, she brought her camera along.

Last year we released the first and second videos of an eventual ten part series. Each video presents one aspect of the chat in a bite-sized, shareable format. This week we will release two more videos. You are going to love them.

Putting these videos together takes time and resources, although we have -- in true Strong Towns fashion -- found ways to keep the costs down. We're tackling this important project incrementally. For us to produce the next two videos -- videos five and six -- we need to raise an additional $4,500. If you have the ability to assist in this effort, please help us out.

This Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern we will release Curbside Chat, Part 3: Illusion of Wealth. The following day at the same time we will release Part 4: Productive Growth. Members will get a sneak peak of both so watch your email. To get ready, here's the very first video in the series.

Share with your friends - that's what it's here for.