Strong Towns is opening eyes and introducing people to a powerful new way of looking at their own places. Here's what our members are saying.

People all over the country are dissatisfied with traffic, roads falling into disrepair and the inability of local governments to provide the most basic services. These are symptoms of financially insolvent communities. Strong Towns is unearthing the root causes of these symptoms while providing a foundation for the kind of rational responses needed to secure the future of the places we love.
— Stephen Lassiter of Tulsa, OK

For too long, the dominant narrative surrounding auto dominance was stuck in a certain mindset, overly focused on the environment and too emotional to attract a broad following. Strong Towns has taken the same concept and utterly transformed the messaging.
— Dan Majewski of Albuquerque, NM
Strong Towns has the potential to cut through all that murkiness with its clear, concise explanations of how we got here and move us more quickly to the path of recovery. They are performing a vital service to our country.
— Susan Horst of Bellingham, WA
It’s not very often that you find someone who can speak in detail on subjects ranging from land development and transportation engineering to theology and economics. Chuck Marohn has a unique ability to leverage this knowledge and his personal experience as a practicing engineer and planner to communicate the Strong Towns message to a broad audience.
— Kevin Shepherd of Dallas, TX

Strong Towns provides terrific information that makes it easy for people to understand the benefits of compact development, public spaces and streets that are inviting for people who ride a bicycle or walk.
— Sally Flocks of Atlanta, GA

For me Strong Towns Movement is the only one that cares about changing how we do business in our Cities that is clear and easy to understand getting passed the engineer speak that is clear and easy to absorb for the average citizen.
— Phillip Soares PE, TE, MPA of Modesto, CA

Strong Towns calls into question underlying biases and assumptions that drive our current land use patterns, transportation solutions, etc. That questioning — fact-based, respectful, but relentless — is something I feel we must have in order to solve problems like gridlock, unsustainable infrastructure, and economic collapse of communities that threaten us.
— Maurice Carter of Covington, GA

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I love my city. What Strong Towns does is that it adds reason to passion; it helps me understand why I not only love the ‘old and blighted’ blocks of my city, but why they are more valuable than the auto-oriented development patterns on the outskirts.
— Michael B. Smith of Rockford, IL