Strong Towns is facilitating an important national conversation that was distinctly absent before.
— Eli Damon of Easthampton, MA

This entire week is about our membership. If you've been reading the many posts, you've read their thoughts and insights on Strong Towns and the movement they have joined. We asked them for their testimonials and it took me -- a speed reader -- about eight hours to get through them all. Absolutely overwhelming.

What amazing people doing amazing things to make this world a better place.

Our members....I can't thank you enough.

And the members of Strong Towns! It’s been such a pleasure to become acquainted with such committed, fascinating Strong Citizens!
— John Thomas of Salt Lake City
In a time where we struggle with how to fund massive shortfalls, Strong Towns has the courage to suggest, that maybe we should focus on the more efficient use of existing infrastructure instead of a race to throw more money at it. Our self-created infrastructure crisis will prevent us from effectively providing public safety, education, and amenities if left unchecked.
— Michael Wojcik from Rochester, MN

Refreshingly, Chuck is unflinchingly candid in acknowledging that he doesn’t have all the answers to the challenge of building a national consensus for growing sustainably as we go forward AND the even more daunting necessity of overcoming the burden of our past excesses.
— John Shattuck of Topsham, ME
The Strong Towns movement was conceived at an important moment in history to lift the veil of fiscal magic from our civic investment decisions and be more responsive and responsible to our city making investments.
— Howard Blackson of San Diego

The messages delivered by Chuck, his colleagues and guests are nothing short of prophetic. They are acting as contemporary prophets—revealing emergent truth to power and backing it up with math and cool graphs!
— Pat Trahan of Lafayette, LA
As the old quote from Thoreau says, for every thousand people trying to solve a problem by hacking at the branches, there’s only one that goes to the root of it. Strong Towns is that one.
— John Gear of Salem, OR

Thank you Strong Towns members. We love you!

Keep doing what you can to build a strong town.