When Driving isn't an Option, Cycling Becomes a Form of Freedom

Eli on his bike (Photo from IAmTraffic.org)

Eli on his bike (Photo from IAmTraffic.org)

Eli Damon, PhD is a bike activist and a math teacher. Eli found freedom through biking—a visual disability prevents him from getting a drivers license, but biking has radically transformed his life and he now travels almost exclusively by bike, including long distance travel. His story is both compelling and inspirational.

In this interview, he discusses his journey to cycling freedom, his interactions with law enforcement as a cycling rights advocate, and safe ways to cycle within the flow of traffic. 

This interview with Chuck Marohn and Eli Damon was recorded four years ago (so forgive the lesser audio quality we had back then). We're bringing it back for Strong Towns' Bike Week to provide this unique and insightful perspective on the importance of bikeability.

Listen to the podcast

Join Eli and three other Strong Towns members on Wednesday, October 19 for a webcast debating questions about bike lanes and bikeability.

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