Presenting our 2015 Annual Report


Years ago I started writing a blog. I was trying to sort out what I was experiencing, to find my way through the fog. I had been a part of the Infrastructure Cult, but I knew something was wrong. It didn't make sense, but I lacked the vocabulary to explain why. Writing was the journey I used to discover new truths.

Today we're here together, part of a movement of people trying to change our national dialog on what it means to experience growth, productive investment and prosperity. We've chosen this path, not to triumph in a contest of right versus wrong, but to humbly serve our friends and neighbors. It's up to us to bring this conversation into the mainstream, to pioneer a viable, alternate approach that people can start demanding in their cities, towns and neighborhoods.

Here's the great thing: we're making it happen. You, me, all of us. Whether it is Hays, Kansas, or Waco, Texas, or Memphis, Tennessee, we're starting to see examples -- big and small -- of a shift. The Strong Towns conversation is spreading; last year even to the White House. We have a lot of momentum.

I feel a sense of urgency. So does our Board of Directors. It's clear that the current situation -- America's approach to growth and development -- is not stable, that we can't continue on along this course without more and more people being harmed. I don't want more Fergusons. More Detroits. More San Bernardinos. I fear an America that begins to accept decline as normal, even inevitable. 

The urgency we feel has forced us to make some audacious goals. We're pleased to present our 2015 Annual Report which outlines our recent accomplishments and future plans to spread the Strong Towns message to reach a million people who care.

~ Chuck Marohn

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)