Last week we announced -- at the prompting of some of our members -- a book club for those of you wanting to explore the Nassim Taleb book Antifragile from a Strong Towns perspective. I was thinking there might be a dozen or so of you that would be interested in this conversation. I was off by a factor of ten.

Fortunately, this experiment is, itself, antifragile and so we're going to gain from disorder. Instead of a reading assignment followed by a Slack chat, I want to expand the conversation quite a bit. Here's tentatively how this will go for our first month:

Reading Assignment: Book 1, Chapters 1 through 4

Due Date: May 23

The week of May 23, we're going to have three opportunities for participants to delve more deeply into the book.

Opportunity #1: We're going to hold Slack chats on each chapter during the week of May 23. I'll get you a specific schedule as we get closer to that week, but I'll stagger them so everyone should have at least one chance to participate live. The conversations will, of course, be archived there for later viewing.

Opportunity #2: Submit an answer to one of the questions I will propose about Book 1 and its applicability to Strong Towns. We'll distribute them to everyone via email and run the best ones here in our content stream the week of May 23rd. A lot of you are gifted communicators and I'm really excited to feature your insights.

Opportunity #3: We're going to hold a web broadcast where we chat about Book 1. I'll invite two or three people to join me and then ask them questions, as well as provide an opportunity for all of you to ask questions. Should be fun.

We'll provide more information about these opportunities as they get closer.

And just to reiterate: The goals for any book club should be to (1) read something you otherwise might not read, (2) learn from others going through the same experience, and then (3) have fun. I'll add a fourth for us which is to develop a deeper understanding of how the concept of antifragile can help us build stronger places.

Thank you to the roughly 120 of you that have signed up. This is going to be great. If you want to join us, get a copy of Antifragile and then sign upThis opportunity is only open to Strong Towns members, so please become a member and participate in the movement! 

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