Member Benefit: Connect with Members and Staff on Slack

In 2016, we started something completely new. Strong Towns signed up for the online discussion program, Slack, and it has brought the entire Strong Towns community closer together.

You'll see this image every Monday when we announce our weekly Slackchat

You'll see this image every Monday when we announce our weekly Slackchat

With Slack, we have a place for our members to connect with each other in real time to discuss everything from a recent article on our site, to a favorite book, to a frustrating city council meeting. We have members and staff active on slack all week.

We've had some truly meaningful discussions on this platform, and it has been a powerful place for members to advise, support and get to know one another.

Here's one member's perspective on how Slack has helped him connect with the Strong Towns movement:

I do not have a planning or development background. I joined Strong Towns because I was interested in #NoNewRoads week. I started primarily by listening to the podcasts and reading some content on the web. However, it was not until I started participating in conversations in Slack that I really began to feel less like just a spectator and more like a member.

In both scheduled and random Slack chats, I have found Strong Towns members to be strongly opinionated and, at the same time, measured and intelligent in their responses. I have learned an immense amount and I feel that I have helped others learn from me. Beyond that, I have a found a group of people who I can turn to for opinions and conversations about books, politics, news, and anything else and I know that I will be treated with respect. This is a rare thing on the internet.
— Jeff Weidner, El Paso, TX

We are here to spread the Strong Towns message and we want tools like Slack to be available to everyone who is interested in this movement. That's why we make it free to join.  If you value resources like this and want them to continue to be available, consider becoming a member of Strong Towns today.

(Top photo by Strong Towns member, Johnny Sanphillippo)