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With the support of our members, Strong Towns' readership has grown tremendously in the last year. In a moment, we'll share some growth stats that we're particularly proud of, but first we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our members who make this growth possible. 

Members share our work through social media. They send articles to their friends. They tell their coworkers about our podcast. They bring their families to our events. The support of our members has also allowed us to invest in hiring new staff who are able to spend time expanding our social media networks, advertising our top content on these outlets and and creating more diverse content to bring in new readers and listeners.  

We believe that the change we seek--a country of financially resilient towns and cities--will occur when a million Americans care enough to share our message with others and act on it. Our efforts are to create those million people. 

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The Movement is Growing

A year ago, the Strong Towns website had about 24,000 readers a month. Today, we regularly get 75,000-85,000 readers each month. March 2016 marked our highest traffic month ever with over 104,000 users and 244,000 page views. We're pleased to see the Strong Towns message gaining momentum.

Our podcast audience has grown too, doubling in just the last six months -- a jump from 8,300 people in January 2016 to 16,700 in June 2016. And we've also grown our Facebook audience and Twitter audiences, as you can see in the graph below.

Social Media Audience Growth in 2016

In addition, we've worked to expand our presence on other social media outlets like Instagram and LinkedIn. Since the start of 2016, our Instagram followers have more than doubled.

Thanks to member support, we're able to meet people where they're at, using the many different channels at our disposal to reach new audiences and spread this message far and wide.

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