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While our daily content is the core of Strong Towns' work, from time to time, we publish long-form books that help you go in-depth on Strong Towns thinking. We always offer our members first access to those, and, as a thank you for their support, give our members free ebook versions of all our publications.

Thoughts on Building Strong Towns Volume II

Introducing our Newest Strong Towns Book

We're excited to announce that our newest book, Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, Volume II, will be released later this summer, and you can be sure that as a member, you'll be notified and given a free copy as soon as it comes out. Here's the summary from the back of the book:

When the first volume of this book was published in 2011, Strong Towns was a fledgling nonprofit. Since then, it has grown into a national media organization with an award-winning website and accompanying podcast. Over the last five years, Strong Towns’ member base has grown and its message has spread across the country. Volume II is a chance to share the top essays published on our website in 2015, reworked and compiled into compelling chapters including, “Can you be an engineer and speak out for reform?” “Dealing with Congestion,” and “My Car Pays Cheaper Rent Than Me.”

Also included are sections on Strong Towns’ ongoing campaigns, #NoNewRoads and #SlowtheCars. The book features writing from Strong Towns’ president, Charles Marohn, as well as several Strong Towns contributors including Gracen Johnson, Andrew Price, Johnny Sanphillippo, Rachel Quednau, Daniel Herriges, Nathaniel Hood, and Matthias Leyrer, with a foreword by former mayor of Seattle, Michael McGinn.

Thoughts on Building Strong Towns, Volume II will be released soon. In the meantime, you can explore our existing publications to go in-depth on key Strong Towns topics.

Island Press

Besides having special access to Strong Towns publications, Strong Towns members can also get discounts on select titles from Island Press, a publishing house that covers issues like transportation, urban design and the environment. You can view the current discounted books available from Island Press here.

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