Strong Towns has a podcast, daily articles, resources, events, videos... The list goes on.  But there's one thing you won't find on the Strong Towns website: advertisements. 

We believe that the change we seek will occur when a million people care enough to share our message with others, and we know we're not going to get there by flooding your screen with ads or charging you to read our content. We want you to be able to share our work. We want you to play a Strong Towns podcast for your friends. We want you to present a Curbside Chat video at your city council meeting. We want you to email a Strong Towns publication to your coworkers. (For more inspiration, visit this page to see the many ways our members are spreading and implementing the Strong Towns message.)

We're a small organization with a small budget, but we're punching well above our weight. We regularly receive as many hits on our articles as much larger publications, and we're working to grow this organization so that we can publish better content at a greater frequency -- all while maintaining our commitment to be advertisement-free. That's a rarity on the internet these days.

We want to spread the Strong Towns message to towns and cities across the country, and we won't achieve that goal if we end up looking like every other website, bombarding people with ads or charging them a fee to read our articles. We've aligned our funding structure with our mission--with small, incremental investments making up the bulk of our budget. 

For just $25 a year, you can invest in this movement too, and help ensure that our website remains ad-free for everyone to read, share and learn from.