With increased member support, we've been able to develop more ways for you to engage with Strong Towns concepts and learn new ideas, beyond just reading and listening. One of those is our Slack discussion forum, which we opened earlier this year.

Another is our member webcasts. Every month, we offer a special webcast just for members in which we invite experts in a given field (usually related to our monthly campaigns like #NoNewRoads and Strong Citizens) to speak, answer questions and dialogue with one another on Strong Towns-related issues. We've been able to host some fantastic webcasts for our members across the world, and some have even featured our members as guest speakers.

We're releasing some of those recordings for your now so you can get a taste for what they're like. Become a member of Strong Towns today and you'll be able to participate in one of these webcasts in real time, asking your questions and joining with other members to learn something new.

The Role of Elected Officials in Building Strong Towns

This webcast was offered as part of our Strong Citizens week in April. It features several Strong Towns members who hold elected office.

Redeveloping Brownfield Sites to Revitalize Communities

We ran this webcast during our Iron Range week in May.

Hacking Games for Civic Engagement

In this webcast with one the creators of the popular Cards Against Urbanity game (a Strong Towns member herself), we learn about fun and creative ways to use games for public engagement.

Value Per Acre Analysis with Urban3

This tool, demonstrated by friend of Strong Towns, Josh McCarty of Urban3, features prominently in the Curbside Chat. It is an incredibly effective way to visualize how traditional development patterns compare to auto-oriented suburbia.