While Strong Towns began in a small town in northern Minnesota, we're proud to say we now have members all over the world. Below, three Strong Towns members share their favorite thing about this movement, from their differing perspectives. We invite you to join this movement today and tell us your favorite thing about the Strong Towns message.

My favorite thing about Strong Towns is that undoubtedly when I’m struggling with a particular issue, sure enough Strong Towns tackles the issue with a post, podcast, or simply linking to someone else’s work with precisely the mind-shift, re-framing, and important questions policy makers need to be asking. It’s reflective of the collective shift our cities are going through right now and Strong Towns is one of the key curators and creators of that paradigm shift.
— Gary Howe, Traverse City, MI
I like the financial bedrock point of view of Strong Towns; it is clearly a message that many places need (and that I need personally). The point of view has already flavored my personal musings about what I would like to achieve where I live and definitely colors my view of our “stroads” (we have many).

Why am I a member? So that a strong, coherent voice for responsibility, stewardship and wisdom gets heard.
— Tom Ramsey, Honolulu, HI
My favorite thing about Strong Towns is knowing I’m part of an organized group of people, disseminating knowledge and taking effective actions to create prosperity in cities and communities. I am an urban planner and work in a public agency in management and urban mobility. I realize the great need to strengthen neighborhoods and create more integrated, competitive and vibrant cities. My concerns fall exactly on the scope of Strong Towns.

For me, being a member of Strong Towns is a great opportunity to collaborate effectively in group activities such as the discussion forum. I want to become a disseminator of ideas and projects in my country, Brazil, as soon as possible.
— Marcel Souza, Cajamar, Brazil

What's your favorite thing about Strong Towns? Let us know in the comments.