Go Deep on the Causes You Care About

Thanks to member support, we've been able to dive deep on topics you care about this year. With a growth in member contributions, we are able to devote more time to in-depth campaign weeks that feature articles, podcast interviews, and live webcasts with experts in the field, plus engaging activities that bring readers into the conversations. If you've read our campaign content and appreciate the message we're sending, please consider joining with us as a member so that we can bring you more great campaigns in the future.

Here's a refresher on the campaigns we've done so far this year, plus a taste of what's to come.

Created by Matthias Leyrer


During January's #NoNewRoads campaign, we investigated the road funding situation in 3 key states: Washington, Texas and Minnesota. We introduced an interactive tool to help you research your own state's transportation funding. And most importantly, we offered solutions to America's obsession with costly auto-infrastructure. We have continued the #NoNewRoads conversation throughout the year. See more from this campaign.

Housing Policy

In February, we centered our week on a report called "The Unintended Consequences of Housing Finance" from the Regional Plan Association. We advocated from the removal of federal housing regulations which heavily prioritize single-family suburban living over mixed-use, multifamily housing in walkable neighborhoods. As part of this campaign, we also discussed housing affordability issues, segregation, and small-scale development. See more from this campaign.

Strong Citizens

In April, we showcased our members doing the important work to build Strong Towns across the country. They shared concrete ideas for getting to know your neighbors, advocating for change, adapting community infrastructure and more. We also featured some powerful interviews with local change-makers doing everything from helping strengthen local businesses to promoting the bikeable lifestyle. See more from this campaign.

Jane Jacobs

In May, we honored the legendary Jane Jacobs on the anniversary of her 100th birthday. While much of the media spent the week lauding Jacobs' commitment to nice urban spaces, we explored the hard-hitting realities of Jacobs’ activism: the need for financial solvency in American towns, her insistence on local decision-making instead of top-down proclamations and her “chaotic but smart” approach to improving cities. See more from this campaign.

Coming Up

Later this year, we're planning a campaign to explore the impact of Big Box Stores and their implications for the financial viability of our towns. We're also planning a campaign about the growing reality of Suburban Poverty and what can be done to reverse that trend. We'll also do a campaign about the intersections between Education, Parenting and Strong Towns, focusing on school locations, walkability and how to have a financially resilient family life.

It's all happening here at Strong Towns. We think you'll want to be part of this movement we're building, so join us as a member today.

(Top photo by Strong Towns member, Zvi Leve)