Strong Towns member, Bryan Mock, recently took to Medium to sing the praises of Strong Towns. We're honored and wanted to share an excerpt from his kind words:

If you are someone at all interested in Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Design, Urbanism, or just why in the hell your town is designed so horribly, and how little ole you might actually have something to say about it, then you want to be following Strong Towns [...]

Strong Towns doesn’t focus on calling out the designers behind some of the atrocities they bring forth as shining examples of what not to do. Instead, they focus their content on the policies that cause otherwise rational people to act out of their own self interest.

Taking it one step further, they then teach designers how to push against bad policy. Sometimes this little push is all that is needed to initiate sweeping change to the whole system in the process.

If there's one thing you can do to help grow the Strong Towns movement, it's share our message with others, like Bryan did. Share one of our Facebook posts, write about Strong Towns concepts on your blog, tweet out one of our stories, or just have a conversation with a friend about something you learned from Strong Towns. That's how we grow this movement into a million people who care. 

(Top image from Death to Stock Photo)