Read about a new bussing idea in Dallas:  The One-Mile Super-grid: Dallas' Hidden Asset .

Read about a new bussing idea in Dallas: The One-Mile Super-grid: Dallas' Hidden Asset.

Here's what got the most reads this week:

Want Community? Build Walkability

by Sarah Kobos, August 23, 2016

Our neighborhoods and our cities would improve if more of us lived in places where “bumping into someone on the street” didn’t involve heavy traffic and a fender bender.  

More Potholed Roads Turn to Gravel. Residents aren't Happy.

by Rachel Quednau, August 24, 2016

Residents in cities across the country are coming face to face with the reality that they can't have functioning roads without paying for them, and that bill comes due more often that they might like.

The One-Mile Super-grid: Dallas' Hidden Asset

by Patrick Kennedy, August 25, 2016

A super-grid system could improve bussing in Dallas and other similarly-built cities.

Pain or Death? The View from the Balloon

by Charles Marohn, August 22, 2016

If the global economy is like a hot air balloon, we're only given the option to continually go higher -- despite the risk -- or cut all the air and crash. Those options aren't good enough. Read the follow-up essay: A Rising Balloon Lifts all Fools.

The Democratized Economy: Big Boxes, Urban Centers, and Placemaking

by Alexander Dukes, August 24, 2016

American communities need to shift away from a big box retail strategy to a local, placemaking retail strategy. When placemaking urban centers become the default model, local retailers flourish and a broad, diverse Democratized Economy emerges.

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