While Strong Towns is a firmly non-partisan organization, we are well aware that the American presidential election is hot on the minds of many of our readers and podcast listeners. We approach that conversation from a Strong Towns perspective, aware of the massive infrastructure spending for which both candidates have advocated. Visit our Infrastructure Crisis page to learn more.

On Monday, September 26, Sec. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will begin the first of their three presidential debates. We'll be live-chatting throughout the event to analyze their #InfrastructureCrisis comments and anything else Strong Towns-related.

To participate in the chat, hosted by Chuck Marohn, join the Strong Towns Slack and head over to our #politics channel. You read along as you watch the debate, jump in whenever you'd like, or view the conversation afterward if you're not able to participate live. 

For an overview of how to use the Slack discussion platform and to sign up, visit this page.

We hope you’ll join us on September 26 at 9pm Eastern for some lively, fun and productive discussion that takes a Strong Towns approach on the topics covered by the presidential candidates.

(Top photo from Franceblue.fr)