Podcast: A Disruptive Conversation

I think the idea of disruption is like jazz or dancing. For people to disrupt a sector or system, I think they have to know a deep set of skills in order to be prepared to improvise while they’re on the dance floor.
— Keita Demming

In this episode Chuck Marohn interviews Keita Demming, host of the Disruptive Conversations podcast. Keita works in the space of applied innovation, helping companies become beautiful organizations, and holds a PhD from the University of Toronto.

In this conversation, Chuck and Keita discuss the concept of disruption and why disruptive conversations are so valuable. They also talk about the difference between simple problems, complicated problems and complex problems — and which we must focus our efforts on in order to build a better world.

You can also catch Chuck on Keita's podcast in an episode from earlier this year.

Keita Demming

Keita Demming

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