Enter the Strongest Town Contest Today

Photo by Johnny Sanphillippo

Photo by Johnny Sanphillippo

What do you love about your town? Do your neighbors feel like your best friends? Does your main street hum with activity? Has your town been through challenges and come out better on the other side?

The Strongest Town Contest is your chance to showcase that. We want to hear about all the great things your town is doing—the robust transportation options you have, the small-scale projects that have made a big impact, the beautiful downtown that you love to spend time in.

Last year's contest brought communities together and got people talking about Strong Towns principles. Plus, it offered an opportunity to be inspired by the citizen-led, small-scale initiatives happening in towns across the country. Read the entries from last year to see that in action. We had nominations from small towns in Texas, big cities in New Jersey and everything in between. 

Now is the time to nominate your town for the contest. Entries are due by Friday, February 17 at 11pm central.

See the contest info and dates here. We encourage entries from residents and neighbors (not just government leaders) and the form takes just 15 or 20 minutes to complete.

Don't get left out of the fun this year. Enter the Strongest Town Contest. Consider it one big love letter to your town, or, if that doesn't move you, consider it a chance to share how awesome your town is with the world.

(Top graphic by Matthias Leyrer)