Top 5 Articles This Week (Feb. 6-10, 2017)

Learn why water costs so much in America

Learn why water costs so much in America

Here's what got the most reads this week:

Road Funding as a Prisoner's Dilemma

by Andrew Martin, February 6, 2017

Under our current system, non-drivers subsidize drivers. Only a fundamentally different model of road and highway funding can break us out of this prisoner’s dilemma.

Our Contentious Culture

by Charles Marohn, February 6, 2017

Americans increasingly view each other as good or evil. Jonathan Haidt suggests how we can get to a healthier dialogue.

How to Think Like a Person on a Bike (and not a Cyclist)

by Kea Wilson, February 8, 2017

If our cities aren’t built in a way that keeps all people safe on the roads, then they’re not built well enough.

The Cascading Impacts of High Water Costs

by Strong Towns, February 8, 2017

Our overextended pipe system is driving up the cost of water for households across America.

5 Ways to Access and Support Local Food

by Rachel Quednau, February 7, 2017

The Strong Towns Strength Test features this important question: If you wanted to eat only locally-produced food for a month, could you? In most towns, the answer is probably "no." Here are five ways to shift the dial in the direction of "yes."

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