AARP Illustrates "Dangerously Incomplete Streets"

The AARP's Liveable Communities initiative provides inspiration and information for local leaders looking to build neighborhoods that are affordable and accessible for people of all ages, especially seniors. They produced a great slideshow of #PedestrianUnfriendly intersections and sidewalks (see our previous articles on this topic) with clever captions that perfectly explain the many ways that street design favors cars over people. Here are a few examples, with captions and photos by Melissa Stanton:

Stuck in the Mud

It's great that this intersection features crosswalks and traffic signals, but there's no sidewalk at this corner to lead the way, especially for someone in a wheelchair, pushing a stroller or simply wearing a nice pair of shoes.

So Near Yet So Far

This sloping and marked sidewalk works for people in wheelchairs or with vision impairments. Too bad there isn't a crosswalk or traffic signal so residents of the adjacent assisted living facility can safely walk to the shops across the way.

Find the Bus Stop

It's there, hidden within the weeds, shrubs and trees. Someone waiting for a bus can stand in the road or in the overgrown greenery. Bug spray is recommended.

View the full slideshow on the AARP website.

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