Podcast: Vince Graham on the South Carolina Infrastructure Bank

We have all these beautiful models of urbanism—Savannah and Charleston and Beaufort—but all we’ve been doing for the last 40 years or so is copying golf course communities... So I was inspired to get into the [development] business on my own.
— Vince Graham
Vince Graham

Vince Graham

Chuck Marohn interviews Vince Graham, the former chair of the South Carolina Infrastructure Bank and current president of I'On Group. In this conversation, they discuss Graham's real estate development work and the uphill battle his company has faced in trying to do new urbanist development in a place where suburban-style development is the norm. Graham also talks about his time at the South Carolina Infrastructure Bank—a unique funding model for infrastructure mega-projects—and offers a critical assessment of the organization.

Listen to the podcast:

(Top photo of Charleston, SC by David Shankbone)

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