You're Invited to be on our Content Review Board

It takes lots of smart people working together to create Strong Towns content. Would you like to be one of them? We have some openings on our Content Review Panel, a collaborative group of Strong Towns members and staff who offer feedback, critiques, and ideas about Strong Towns’ online articles in order to improve the delivery of the Strong Towns messageYou're invited to apply.

How it works:

  • Panel activities will consist of ongoing discussion in the Strong Towns Slack in a private channel.
  • Panel members are expected to log onto the Slack at least twice per week (this amounts to about 10-30 minutes per week total, or longer if you’re able) and a higher frequency is encouraged.
  • Feedback can range from grammatical/spelling corrections to thematic commentary to sharing ideas for new Strong Towns guest writers.
  • Content review will focus on questions like: Does this article help advance the Strong Towns mission or detract from it? Does this article fit with the Strong Towns principles? Does this article help bring in new audiences?
  • Discussion will be facilitated by Strong Towns’ Communications Director, Rachel Quednau (and other staff occasionally), but panel members are encouraged to start their own discussions, too.
  • Terms on the panel may be a few months or longer depending on the capacity and availability of panel members.


  • Anyone interested in joining is asked to fill out this short applicationStrong Towns staff will select a group of 6-12 applicants based on their knowledge, background and interest.
  • Due date: June 1. Panel members will be notified in early June.
  • Note: We're especially interested in panel participants who are female and/or people of color. 

Because this panel requires a commitment to and understanding of the Strong Towns mission, it is only open to Strong Towns members. If you feel like you’d be a good candidate and you’re committed to Strong Towns, why not make that official by joining as a member today?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Strong Towns movement through this panel. Please contact Rachel Quednau with any questions.

(Top photo by Stefan Stefancik)