We have designed wider travel lanes so [cars] have more operating room [...] We’ve designed a more generous turning radius [...] I’ve been on safety audits where they’ve even evaluated where to put the signal controller box in order to avoid the likelihood it gets taken out by a turning motorist [...These are] road design features intended to make up for the mistakes of a motorist. Name one design element that is in there to make up for the mistake of a pedestrian.
— Don Kostolec

Chuck Marohn interviews Don Kostelec, a Strong Towns member and Senior Planning Associate at Alta Planning + Design based in Boise, ID. He's also the creator of this awesome video series.

Chuck and Don discuss a deadly street in Springfield, MA. (Read Chuck's open letter to the city of Springfield and the follow-up article for more back story.) They also chat about the challenges of the engineering and planning professions in general, and the nuance necessary in examining car crash data.

Listen to the Podcast:

(Top image by Johnny Sanphillippo)

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