This Week's Slackchat: Local Food

Source: Johnny Sanphillippo

Source: Johnny Sanphillippo

For the last several weeks, we've been discussing farming, gardening and other local food-related topics. (See all our food content here.) This week, we'd like to have an open conversation about some of the biggest questions that have come up regarding local food: 

  • Is an all-local diet possible in your town? Is it even something we should strive for?
  • Does a reliance on local food make your town more or less fragile?
  • How can we support local food producers in a financially viable manner?

Rachel Quednau and Strong Towns member Alex Ball will host the discussion. Everyone is invited to participate. 

This chat will take place on Slack at 11am CT on Wednesday, August 16.

Just log onto Slack and visit the #scheduled-slack-chat channel at the scheduled time to join Rachel, Alex and Strong Towns staff, members and readers in a lively discussion. We'll see where the conversation takes us!

If you're not yet part of our Slack, take 30 seconds to request an invitation and we'll get you set up for the chat.

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