Video: An Accidental Experiment

We could’ve done a much better job with a much cheaper design, and essentially, we’ve proven it right here during the construction phase.
— Chuck Marohn

Strong Towns advocates against road widening projects because they cost our communities money in the short- and long-term and decrease safety for everyone. Several years ago, in the hometown of Strong Towns founder Chuck Marohn, a poorly-functioning road was widened from three to four lanes, creating a more dangerous and costly thoroughfare. Chuck advocated against this project and proposed, instead, a narrowing to two lanes, but his idea was quickly shot down.

However, during the temporary period when the project was under construction, Chuck got his wish! Watch the video to see why this temporarily narrow road is something we should learn from and why narrow streets are safe streets.

Visit our #SlowtheCars page to learn why wide, fast-moving streets are damaging to the productivity of our towns, and how we can build safer, more economically successful streets for a fraction of the cost.

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