Top Stories This Week (Jan 8-12, 2018)

Here are the stories that were most popular on our site this week:

A 12-Step Program for Financially Insolvent Cities

by Charles Marohn | January 8, 2018

Here’s how to adapt the 12-step model for a community wanting to come to grips with financial insolvency.

10 Questions to Ask Someone Running for Local Office

by Rachel Quednau | January 9, 2018

Want to figure out whether a local candidate for public office will uphold Strong Towns principles and values on the job? Ask them these 10 questions.

Mixed Up Priorities for Mixed-Use Buildings

by Nolan Gray | January 9, 2018

Strong, financially resilient neighborhoods emerge organically. Requiring one particular style of construction because we've see it work in other neighborhoods will not achieve this goal.

The Fatal Flaw in Your Town's Development Pattern

by Rachel Quednau | January 10, 2018

Something is seriously wrong with your town's finances if merely fixing a street would require 17 year's worth of taxes from the people who use that street...

Modern Monetary Theory and Strong Towns

by Charles Marohn | January 10, 2018

Modern Monetary Theory is growing in populist appeal, but it doesn't address the problems we are struggling to overcome with the Strong Towns movement.

(Top photo source: Todd Diemer)