The Strong Towns Message Speaks to North Dakota

The governor of North Dakota is a member of Strong Towns and we're thrilled to see the impact that the Strong Towns message is having on his state.

At a recent summit to discuss a new North Dakota-wide Main Street Initiative, Governor Doug Burgum gave a keynote presentation discussing the history of urban development, the disruptive power of technology in both urban and rural communities, and the need to create attractive communities to improve the economic power of our towns. We encourage you to watch the video below.

While his presentation is addressed to a North Dakota audience, his insights will be meaningful for anyone — particularly those who live in rural and Midwestern states. Much of what Gov. Burgum covers in the presentation is straight out of the Strong Towns playbook: the need to design more walkable places, the need to build upon traditional downtowns, and the need to create economic strength and resilience chiefly at the local level.

Strong Towns president Chuck Marohn was also a keynote speaker at the Main Street summit. His presentation explores the financial realities facing cities, towns and neighborhoods and explains, in plain language, how so many American cities have found themselves in decline after decades of “growth.” Then he shares a revolutionary way forward that could create enduring prosperity — if we just have the courage to change our minds.

See more Strong Towns videos on our YouTube page.