This Week's Slackchat: Strongest Town Edition

As you've probably noticed, our annual Strongest Town Contest is in full swing, and this week, we want to chat about it on Slack. Who do you think is going to make it to the championship? Which towns were you surprised to see in our initial selection? Which town do you believe is the strongest? Strong Towns staff invite you to bring your questions, thoughts and ideas to the table. Everyone is welcome to join the chat!

This chat will take place on Slack at 11am CT on Wednesday, March 14.

Just log onto Slack and visit the #scheduled-slack-chat channel at the scheduled time to join Strong Towns staff, members and readers in a lively discussion. We'll see where the conversation takes us...

If you're not yet part of our Slack, take 30 seconds to request an invitation and we'll get you set up for the chat.