The Ultimate Guide to Creating Walkable Streets

Here at Strong Towns, we're advocates for a simple concept we like to call "slow the cars" because we've seen in city after city that slowing down cars makes our communities more prosperous and resilient — not to mention safer.

But, while this concept is simple, the reasoning behind it and the path to get to safer streets is, by no means, easy. Today, we're sharing our ultimate guide to building slower, more walkable streets, filled with helpful articles and resources you can use to #slowthecars in your town. We've broken it down into 4 key sections that will explain why we need walkable streets, how to tell if your streets aren't walkable, and resources for building walkable streets, plus inspiring stories that will demonstrate how to build safer streets.


1. Why We Need Walkable Streets





2. How to Tell if Your Streets aren't Walkable

What makes a street dangerous for people on foot? How can we identify and call out these streets in our communities? These articles will show you:


3. Resources for Building Walkable Streets

So you're convinced of the need for safer streets. Now what? The following resources will help you transform dangerous streets in walkable ones:


4. Get Inspired to Create Safer Streets