Why Bikes, Scooters and Small-Scale Transportation are the Future of our Cities

There’s so much capacity in this country at the local level to make positive change, and to make things work well. [Communities] just often need a narrative and a platform to communicate with each other. And we’re working really hard to set that up.
— Charles Marohn

Five years ago, Chuck Marohn was featured on The Outspoken Cyclist radio show, hosted by Diane Jenks. This summer, he was invited back — and a lot has changed in the urban and cycling landscapes since 2013.

In his featured episode of The Outspoken Cyclist, Chuck discusses the fundamental insolvency of so many American cities, and the way the Strong Towns movement is approaching that challenge from the bottom up. He also discusses the ways that cycling and other small-scale forms of transportation are being integrated into urban development today.

Chuck's section of the podcast runs from 4:21 to 31:00.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)