How to Expand Your Organization, Association, or Community Group's Impact with Social Media

Over the last several years, Strong Towns has strategically honed its social media presence and leveraged that to reach new audiences, spread our message wider and further our mission. Yesterday, we took some time to share that knowledge with our members during a special webcast. Now we're sharing it with everyone.

Whether you run a community development corporation, a neighborhood association, or a local nonprofit, or you're just curious about how to use social media as a tool to further the causes you care about, this video should be a big help. In it, Strong Towns staff walk you through their social media tips, tactics and secrets, with a particular focus on Facebook. And they show you how to turn a small amount of time and money investment (if you so choose) into big returns.

Here's a quick summary of the highlights:

  • Hear how Strong Towns president, Charles Marohn, used Facebook to advocate to save a historic neighborhood school.
  • Get the essential basics for setting up and posting to your organization's Facebook page.
  • Find out what you can do with a modest advertising budget and a little dedicated time on Facebook.
  • Explore how other tools like Instagram and Twitter can help you tell your story.

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