Time to Vote in the 2019 Strongest Town Contest!

The fourth annual Strongest Town Contest is now open for voting!

That’s right: We’ve narrowed down the submissions we received to sixteen, and now it’s up to you, dear readers.

To ensure that every town gets its day in the sun, we’ve split up the first batch of submissions over two days. Four match-ups (the left hand side of the bracket below) were opened to voting on Monday, March 18th, and the other four match-ups (the right hand side of the bracket) were posted on Tuesday, March 19th. So make sure you check out and vote in every pairing!

The full contest description and rules can be found here.

Here are the eight match-ups in our sweet 16 round. The polls will remain open for this round until 12pm CST on Thursday, March 21st—and on Friday, you can come back to find out who made the cut and will advance to the elite eight.

Not sure what makes for a strong town? Check out our handy list of Strong Towns principles, and/or our ten-point Strength Test, if you want ideas as to how you might evaluate these contestants.

Voting is open until 12 noon CDT on Thursday, March 21st. The votes of Strong Towns members will count for 50% of the total, while all other votes will count for the remaining 50%.