New in the Knowledge Base: Answers on Revitalization and Rebuilding

The Strong Towns Knowledge Base is a crowd-sourced repository of your questions and answers about how to build a strong town. We on the Strong Towns staff chip in when we can, but we can’t get to everything—which is why we encourage all of our members and readers to head on over and add not only questions, but comments with any additional advice, useful links, or wisdom you have to offer!

Every other month, we host Ask Strong Towns, a live webcast in which you can ask anything you want of our founder and president, Chuck Marohn, and our communications director, Kea Wilson. We continue to convert previous answers from these webcasts into short video excerpts that answer a specific question, and we’ll add them to the Strong Towns Knowledge Base as we do. Here are two new ones this week:

How Can Cities Start Revitalizing Their Downtowns?

In this video, Strong Towns president and founder Chuck Marohn shares his tips on how you—with the help of friends—can start to revitalize your downtown, including: 

  • Why you must have a group of like-minded peers to help throughout the process.

  • How to observe existing issues in your downtown.

  • How to decide what to do first.

How Would a Strong Town Rebuild After a Natural Disaster?

After Santa Rosa, California sustained several damage from wildfires in 2017, several Strong Towns members raised the question, "How do we rebuild according to Strong Towns principles?" And equally important, "How do we have that conversation with our communities?"

In this video, Strong Towns president and founder Chuck Marohn shares a few insights in response to that very difficult question.

We’ll be adding more of these in the future, to make the answers to the questions you have posed in our Ask Strong Towns series readily available as a source of insight and advice. In the meantime, head on over to the Knowledge Base and let us know what question(s) you’re dying to see answered! Or chime in with a comment on any existing topic about which you have special insight or experience. See you over there!

(Cover photo via Flickr)